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My Story

I have always had a passion for shooting and editing video; whether that was documenting family holidays or filming stupid videos with my mates.

I graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University in 2012 and set out to turn my biggest passion into a job. I took every opportunity I could get, often working for free for a variety of different production companies, businesses and musicians. My objective was to gain as much experience in every area of video production as I could and build a killer portfolio and reel. 

As my skill in my chosen craft grew, as did the work. I have been lucky enough to collaborate with many different brands and businesses, travel the world and document different cultures and produce a diverse range of engaging content in my own unique way.

In 2016 I got a job at The Brain Tumour Charity as there in house video producer, this has been a truly incredible experience. I have had the opportunity to film and document some incredibly, strong and honest people going through the most tumultuous and life-changing period of their lives. Whilst doing this I was gifted a huge amount of creative freedom and have always been encouraged to do things differently, this suits me well.

So what's going on at the moment? 

Well, like everyone I'm muddling through these very strange circumstances we ALL find ourselves in, I am and will continue to produce content, not even a pandemic can stop me.

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Croydon, London


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